Business Phone Systems

At Epitome Networks, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. The same goes for technology. We have the flexibility to offer a multitude of different business phone system technologies including premise based, cloud or hosted and hybrid solutions featuring the latest technologies. Unlike other vendors that try to shoehorn your application into their limited product portfolio, we offer several different digital and VoIP solutions allowing our customers to take advantage of the technologies that are right for their applications and budget.

Servicing our clients across the state from our Richmond, Norfolk, and Roanoke, Virginia offices, we’re the Commonwealth’s leader in business phone system technology.


At Epitome, we have a wide range of Business VoIP phone system options available in our product portfolio and the experience to help your business find the right one. We sell and service the most advanced digital and VoIP solutions available from NEC and Mitel including the SL1100, SV9100, SV9300, MiVoice Office 250 and MiVoice Business. We also feature cloud and hosted VoIP solutions from Mitel’s MiCloud, Nextiva, and Star2Star.

When deploying VoIP, experience is a must. Our sales and technical raining goes back over 30 years and our experience is second to none in the industry. What sets Epitome apart from the competition is our IT network skill set. This asset is critical for VoIP integration. With Cisco and Adtran switching and routing certifications in-house, we can ensure a smooth, trouble free VoIP deployment from sales through installation.

Cloud Technology and Media Concept Illustration. Modern INternet Enable Devices Connected to Cloud Hosting.

With VOIP you’ll have a cloud-based, virtual pbx service loaded with calling features that reduce capital expenditures for telephony.  From Small to Medium to Enterprise, Epitome Networks has Reliable and affordable phone systems that can keep up with the way you work?

Your business deserves a business VoIP system made exactly the way you want it. You need a VoIP service that meets your every business communications need and not the cookie-cutter type of service that just doesn’t seem to fit. We will provide you a business VoIP packaging built with features that can be tailored to suit your requirements.

Our services make it so that your business phone system is highly professional without completely destroying the personal touch that you offer to all your customers and clients. It’s the best-recognized business VoIP that provides you with all the tools and support that you need to run your business exactly the way you want to run it. Our phone system Packages let you have the voice and professional image that you always wanted for your company.

Grow at your own pace

Order as many extensions as you need now; add more extensions, fax lines, anytime.

Save a lot more money

About 50% off their phone bill and up to 80% off what it would cost them to invest in a traditional PBX system.

Simplify with one company

Get everything you need from one company: your phones, all your calling features, and your local, long distance, and international calls.

No big box and No big fees

No need to buy, lease, or pay maintenance fees on a complex PBX system at your office; your hosted PBX solution is delivered right over your Internet connection.

bannerimage1Today’s office is going mobile. Your workforce needs to be agile and mobility can give you the competitive advantage your business needs. Mobility can mean different things to different people. For some it means moving around inside the office or between offices in Richmond, Virginia Beach, and Lynchburg. For others it could mean staying connected across a large campus, working from home, or being connected while on the road. Regardless of your vision, the ability to connect with your customers and coworkers from wherever you are is highly important. From cordless handsets & headsets to twinning to full mobile phone applications, we have a wide array of mobility solutions to meet your needs.

Our DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) division gives Epitome a competitive advantage in the area of mobile communications. With more users connecting to business applications with their smart phones and tablets, we can make sure that you have the 4G LTE coverage that your workers need while in your office. No other business technology company provides the same level of mobility integration that Epitome Networks brings to your business.

call center

It’s not just a call center anymore. Your customers want to contact your business in more ways than just the phone. Fax is still prevalent and e-mail and texting are preferred by many consumers in this digital era. While we still work with phone based solutions like ACD, customer callback queuing, predictive dialing, and call recording, we also have more advanced contact center functionality. Web chat, e-mail queueing, fax queuing, text messaging, mass notification and more are driving the customer interactions of today. Did you know that you can even integrate your social media into the contact center?

Do you want to turn your contact center from a cost center to a profit center? What are your agents doing when they aren’t busy handling inbound calls and e-mails? Could they be proactively calling out to your customers instead? Outbound calling campaigns can offer significant revenue opportunities and maximize the full potential of your customer service staff.

You don’t have to be a large call center to make use of these technologies. Many smaller businesses have a contact center and don’t even realize it. If you have a sales or customer service department, there’s a chance that you may have an informal contact center already. We can help your smaller business deploy more effective technologies to manage and make the most out of your informal contact center too.

Not sure which type phone system is right for you?

Epitome Networks offers free consultations to help find the right solution for your business.